How To LOSE WEIGHT In 10 Days

we all wanted to look slimmer and fitter and having a well-toned body just like a celebrity is a dream. what if I say u can get an instant solution to this problem without any side effects or spending a huge amount of bucks in gyms or in medication in just 10 days. You can flaunt your super well-toned healthy body in a bodycon dress. just follow this well tested simple tips and tricks to get a healthy well-toned body within 10 days. You are just a few steps away to get the desired body so let get started.

1. Start Your Day With A Workout

It is well said, “health is the great of all possessions”. Health is wealth no doubt we all know we all are hearing this well famous quote since our childhood but how many of us do really think about our fitness seriously and work on it. it is very important to have a well-balanced life with good food and a healthy lifestyle. If you want to stay fit and healthy you have to exercise. Exercise is the only way to boost and energize your day to day activities and at the same time makes you fit. If you want to transform your body and want to have quick results you have to exercise. Exercise is the only way by which you can shape your body into an exquisite masterpiece. so, set your morning alarm and get up. tie up your shoelaces go for running or jogging or walking or do some sort of pushups /squats or anything that can help you to burn your calories. Jogging or running will help to burn more calories than walking. it’s a proven thing that exercises like running result in after burn calories which means that even after you stop running your calories are still burning which is a great thing. Fitness is being a better version of yourself. Health is something you can’t neglect so exercise comes into it automatically. Regular exercise not only makes you physically fit but also reduce stress and suppress appetite hormone. you’ll be more active all day long. You’ll burn more fat. Regulate blood pressure, proper sleep, protect from diabetics, and other health diseases. So, gear it up and make exercise your daily routine.


2. Drink Water

Water is something which has its own benefits. Start your day with a glass or two of plain water or you can try warm water with honey and lemon in it. it’s a great drink for removing toxins from your body and improve metabolism and kick start your day. Water is a drink with zero calories and controls your hunger which automatically prevents you from consuming unnecessary calories. So, drink 3- 4 litres of water daily to make your body function well.


3. More High- Fiber Diet

Try to follow a high- fiber diet. high- fiber food is generally good for health and weight loss. High fiber diet is good in slowing down the rate of the sugar that is absorbed in the bloodstream. High fiber food helps in keeping the blood glucose level from rising too fast. Fiber diet helps you to lower cholesterol level, maintain bowels health, control blood sugar levels, weight loss. high fiber food helps you to lose weight at the same time make you feel fuller as it is super filling. it is good for maintain and keeping your weight and appetite in check. it reduces your appetite, making you to eat less. you won’t feel hungry which means less in overeating and tend to give you more energy less calories with the same amount of food so start your day with absolute fiber pack breakfast in the form of whole grain bread or flakes or oats. You can also add fruits or vegetables like cabbage, potatoes or corn. try to have more & more of salads or a bowl of exotic fruits or dark coloured vegetables with tons of fiber in it.


4. Avoid Junk Food

Food is the basic source of energy so try to have control over your eating habits. junk food is the real cause of weight gain as it accumulates the fat in your body so, avoid junk food and try to have more and more homemade food. As in today fast pace busy era people are pretty much dependable on easy sources like a food court or restaurant or packed frozen foods that are easily available everywhere with fully loads of calories and fats. all these foods can really damage your health if consumed on regular basis so, avoid these kinds of food as much as you can. junk foods which have lots of calories and fats are deleterious for your limit your junk food option and feel the difference. if you eat at home you can easily count on your calories that you are consuming and pretty much control your diet plan which definitely leads to a healthy lifestyle and weight control. Avoid regular munching between every meal. if you are feeling hungry try some nuts or don’t be in dilemma quickly Switch to healthy options which definitely going to help you.


5. Walking After Meal

If you don’t get time to exercise or do running from your busy day to day routine you can try a very simple formula that is walking for 15 minutes after your every meal. this will help you to burn a few calories and at the same time help you in the digestion of food.


6. Proper Sleep

Sleeping anyway does not directly related to weight loss. It just if you take too little sleep or not sleeping on time makes your body lethargic and hamper your body functioning and metabolism which leads to weight gain. It’s very important to have complete 7 hours of sound sleep which make your body and mind to work effectively.


7. Positive Attitude & Inner Peace

Self-believe is very important to stay motivated and focus. have self-believe and think positive that you can do this that seems impossible somewhere. try to imagine yourself slimmer and healthier. it can motivate you to continue a healthy eating and workout plan. Meditation, exercise and proper diet plan with motivational thought can help you to lose weight. work hard be patient keep your self-motivated and follow your diet plans and exercises properly and you will end up with good results.


8. Have Early Dinner

Early eating habits are very effective in weight loss. If you want to reduce a drastic amount of weight so start having dinner or if I say lunch as early as possible. Eating dinner early helps in effectively fighting with body fat. it helps in digestion so, definitely leads to a huge amount of weight, try to have your dinner as early by 7:00 pm in the evening. The dinner should be light and simple, no starchy food. It’s not a good idea to eat too many calories late in the day so be restricted in what you are eating during dinner time. try to eat between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm as it can help in reducing overall calorie intake by 244. try to control your meal intakes in these timings. Hence, it will boost your metabolism rate which helps you in reducing your body fat. meal – timing strategy will help you in reducing hunger swings and helps in reducing fat and carb burning.


9. Less Salt Intake

Salt is an essential element for favouring of a food. No food can taste good without salt but to regulate weight we should reduce the amount of consumption of salt. We should go easy on foods that contain a high amount of sodium like processed and preserved food kinds of stuff which have tons & tons of salt in it. Losing weight is not directly related to eating less salt. perhaps, intake of salt in a limited amount is some or what beneficial for our body. foodstuff that contains a maximum amount of sodium should be avoided as salt contains a huge amount of sodium which makes our body to retain more water. if salt is been reduced it has an impact on body weight and it reduces the weight in some amount. More salt can make you look bloated and heavy. Researchers recommend, no more than 2,200 mg a day and an ideal limit of no more than 1400 mg per day for adults but sadly today most people are consuming more than that.


10. Caffeine

Caffeine is helpful in boosting your metabolism rate and hence, increase fat burning in your body. Some the other way it also helps in controlling your appetite and make you eat less. So, here the conclusion is if you do proper exercise with a proper diet plan with controlling quality and quantity food and be regular what you doing you definitely going to lose some amount of weight. make sure you should follow all these amazing tips and see the difference in you.

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