Top Health Benefits Of BLUE TEA

We all usually drink green or black tea but have you ever tried the new blue tea. Blue tea is a recent drinking trend in the town. Tea lovers, move over your black and green tea; since blue tea is here with a new version of taste and exciting exotic colour and flavour. This variation has an astonishing illustrious blue shading, which is said to give you great taste as well as has many medical advantages to offer. Blue tea is made of butterfly pea blossoms that help make a rich, smooth, sweet and particularly flower smell. The more the extent of blooms to tea, the bluer the refreshment will be. This delightful blue tea will definitely be a tea sweetheart’s new poison. Butterfly pea bloom tea is said to be a without caffeine homegrown tea that is known to have numerous medical advantages to offer. Otherwise called Clitoria ternatea, the plant is said to be gotten from a plant that is normally found in South East Asian nations. It has restorative properties it’s an uncommon creation, which is as yet discovering its way in the hearts of the tea lovers.

Blue Tea | Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Some Health Benefits Of Blue Tea

1. Antioxidant: The most unbelievable advantages of drinking blue tea is that it has a ton of cancer prevention agents. This powerful bio-compound enable the body to fight free radicals which are harmful and cause premature ageing. It is a smart thought to detox the body now and again with a cancer prevention agent rich beverage like blue pea tea.

2. Treat Diabetes: blue tea taken in the middle of meals will restrain the intake of glucose from the diet and lower blood sugar. Antioxidants present in the tea enable the body to bring down the danger of diseases, which diabetics are inclined to, and it is additionally good for your heart.

3. For Hair, Skin: The cancer prevention agents in some blue tea are good for hair and skin. This tea additionally has numerous vitamins and minerals which keep your skin and hair looking great and helps to prevent premature ageing. it has so many amazing properties that help in enhancing and strengthening the skin and hair. Blue tea contains anti-glycation properties which are really amazing for the skin and helps prevent skin ageing. It also has some flavonoids which increase collagen and is great for skin elasticity. It also contains anthocyanin which is really great for hair by increasing blood flow in the scalp.

4. Boost Brain Functioning: Blue pea has nootropic. That implies it revives the cerebrum and lifts its movement and capacity. This will keep you energised and make you feel great. it improves the functioning of the brain and makes you feel energised all day long.

5. Treat Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression have turned into an overarching truth nowadays. Feelings of anxiety have expanded among the youth which is causing restless and depression life. Blue tea can help in relieving stress and lower down the anxiety risks.

6. Lower the Cancer Risk: Blue pea tea is really helpful for preventing cancer. It is loaded with antioxidants which is a cancer prevention agent. Cancer prevention agents are known to limit the significant harm to cells of the body. The lesser the harm to cells, the lesser the danger of a wide range of disease

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